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エリザベスタウン スペシャル・コレクターズ・エディション [DVD]
パラマウント・ホーム・エンタテインメント・ジャパン (2006-11-02)
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The Claire Colburn character in this movie (played by Kirsten Dunst) was the reason for "The A.V. Club" columnist Nathan Rabin's coinage of the term "The Manic Pixie Dream Girl," which later entered into common usage in movie writing. Rabin's definition of the term, which first appeared in a 2007 article titled "My Year Of Flops/The Bataan Death March of Whimsy Case File #1: Elizabethtown," was: "The Manic Pixie Dream Girl exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is an all-or-nothing-proposition. Audiences either want to marry her instantly (despite The Manic Pixie Dream Girl being, you know, a fictional character) or they want to commit grievous bodily harm against them and their immediate family. As for me, well, let's just say I'm not going to propose to Dunst's psychotically chipper waitress in the sky any time soon...(see Natalie Portman in Garden State for another prime example)."

 The A.V. ClubのコラムニストであるNathan Rabinは、きるすてぃん・だんすと演じるクレア・コルバーンのようなキャラクターを「The Manic Pixie Dream Girl」と名づけ、2007年の記事で「「The Manic Pixie Dream Girl」は感受性の豊かな脚本家や監督のイマジネーションの中のみに存在し、懊悩する熱血青年に人生や無限の謎や冒険を受け入れるように諭し、1か0かを問うような立場だが、観客は架空のキャラクターであるにも関わらず彼女に求婚したいとさえ願うか、自傷したりする」と書いている

Christopher Masterson was considered for the role of Drew.


Jane Fonda was originally set to play Hollie Baylor but dropped out when filming was delayed.


Loudon Wainwright III plays Uncle Dale in the film, and on one of Claire's play list in the Road trip scrapbook, you can see "Oh What a World" by Rufus Wainwright listed. Rufus is Loudon Wainwright's son.

 ラウドンウェインライト3世がデイルおじさんを演じているが、クレアのスクラップブックのプレイリストには、彼の息子のルーファス・ウェインライトの「Oh What a World」がある

Want One
Want One
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Rufus Wainwright
Dreamworks (2003-09-18)
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Jessica Biel auditioned for the role of Claire but was cast as Ellen instead.


While shooting a scene in a cemetery with actors Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst, filming was interrupted due to an unexpected rain storm. Cameron Crowe suggested they shoot the scene anyway because it looked more beautiful and natural.


Judy Greer plays Orlando Bloom's younger sister. In reality, Greer is two years older than Bloom.


A scene was shot in the John Wayne Airport in Orange County. It was the first time since the terrorist attacks on the USA of 11 September 2001 that a film has shot there. The crew was given only one night to shoot.


Jesse's band comprises members of Kentucky's native band My Morning Jacket who are also featured on the soundtrack.


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Bmg (2005-09-19)
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On Claire's road map for Drew, there is a quote by R. Hammond and J. Bebe. Russell Hammond and Jeff Bebe were two of Stillwater's members in Cameron Crowe's previous film Almost Famous (2000).

 クレアの地図にはR. HammondとJ. Bebeの言葉が引用されているが、二人は『あの頃ペニー・レインと』のキャラクター

あの頃ペニー・レインと (1枚組) [DVD]
ソニー・ピクチャーズエンタテインメント (2011-01-26)
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On Jesse's wall there is a sticker with the text "ear-x-tacy" on it. Ear-x-tacy is Louisville's biggest independently owned record store.


The picture of Susan Sarandon holding a baby on the mantelpiece in the flashback, is the same picture used in Stepmom (1998).


グッドナイト・ムーン [DVD]
ソニー・ピクチャーズ エンタテインメント (1999-11-26)
売り上げランキング: 109,605

Cameron Crowe had written the role of Drew Baylor with Orlando Bloom in mind. When Crowe originally offered Bloom the part, Bloom was unable to take it due to scheduling conflicts with Kingdom of Heaven (2005). Crowe then cast Ashton Kutcher in the part but later felt that Kutcher and co-star Kirsten Dunst had no chemistry and decided to let him go. Crowe then pushed his January 2004 start shoot date back to July 2004 for a summer shoot. Many young actors that included Seann William Scott, James Franco, Colin Hanks and Chris Evans auditioned for the part of Drew. Scott was seriously considered and nearly nabbed the part but Crowe pushed to get Bloom instead. When Bloom was able to work the film into his schedule, Crowe cast him in the part.


キングダム・オブ・ヘブン 特別編(初回限定生産) [DVD]
20世紀フォックス・ホーム・エンターテイメント・ジャパン (2005-10-07)
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Cameron Crowe's first choice for the part of Claire Colburn was Kirsten Dunst. Dunst wanted the part very much but had already signed for The Village (2004). Evan Rachel Wood (who was apparently too young) was then under consideration for the part but Dunst dropped out of The Village (2004) at the last moment to audition for the part and won it. Judy Greer, however, appeared in both "The Village" and "Elizabethtown".


ヴィレッジ [DVD]
ヴィレッジ [DVD]
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ポニーキャニオン (2005-04-22)
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The fictitious Mercury shoe company is headed by a guy named "Phil DeVoss", it is from Oregon, and it is an athletic shoe company. Nike, an athletic shoe company, was co-founded in Oregon by Phil Knight who later became Nike's CEO and Chairman of the Board.

 作中のマーキュリー社の社長はオレゴン州出身のPhil DeVossだが、ナイキの共同創業者はオレゴン州出身のPhil Knight

Southern cooking queen Paula Deen of Food Network fame made her big screen debut in this movie as Aunt Dora. Deen's character is of course is depicted doing plenty of cooking. A Food Network special, Paula Goes Hollywood, aired in conjunction with this film's premiere.


Claire's instruction, "Make time to dance alone with one hand waving free", takes a line from Bob Dylan's 'Mr Tambourine Man' ("...Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free...").

 クレアの「Make time to dance alone with one hand waving free」というセリフは、ボブ・ディランの「ミスター・タンブリン・マン」から引用されている

Sony Music Direct (2005-08-24)
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Scarlett Johansson auditioned for the role of Claire.


The phone that Drew uses is a Samsung SCH-a670. While it can vibrate and ring, it cannot do both at the same time as depicted in the film.

 ドリューが使っている携帯はSamsung SCH-a670だが、作中での動作と違い、実際の機種はバイブと着信音が同時に作動することはない

When searching the 2nd Largest Farmer's Market in the World for a woman in a red hat, Drew walks past a signpost with arrows pointing to "Success" and "Failure". He takes the "Failure" route to reach Claire.


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